martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Portrait of Nicole Beharie

  Here's another portrait I made for a class assignment, this one was in color as you can see, pretty fun to do by the way!

Here's a detail.

Here's an earlier process shot I managed to save, I always forget to document the process

More work soon, till next time!

lunes, 3 de febrero de 2014

Orlando Jones portrait

Homework assignment, one of a few characters from Sleepy Hollow, I think i might detail the hair a bit more before delivering.

Edit: Uploaded a more detailed version

jueves, 9 de enero de 2014

Drawings from memory and studies

Hey! I've been practicing anatomy and some faces from memory, mainly to study the features of the female face.

These were from reference, and some self-portraits.

These were from memory, practicing!

Some digitals from reference

 And a self- portrait!

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!