miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2013

Memory and observation sketching

Practicing the anatomy and some faces from memory, I can already see some improvement, I can just imagine if I put a few more hours into practicing this, I'm excited!

Thanks for looking!

martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

Solomon J. Solomon master study

Finally done with this one, I'm still thinking about expanding the canvas and painting the whole piece, I just love that piece.

And this is the entire piece by Solomon J. Solomon

Solomon J. Solomon study

Started this one yesterday, I will finish it in a few hours.

Thanks for looking!

martes, 20 de agosto de 2013

Random sketches

Some sketches done in these vacations, reading Bridgman and Loomis and trying to apply what I've learned rather than just copying it.